Is it Possible to Travel Abroad With an Active Payday Loan

Is it Possible to Travel Abroad With an Active Payday Loan

Is it Possible to Travel Abroad With an Active Payday Loan

Bad credit history is not a good option for anybody. Especially when it comes to travelling overseas. However, all fears can be related with a banking lending, not a payday loan. Small loan lenders are usually more allowing with their clients, if the clients meet all requirements of the organization.

What To Expect?

There are some tips to know about:

  • If you have a payday loan, will officials let you go abroad? Many believe that problems may arise at customs or when applying for a visa if it is needed. In fact, even unsecured bank credits do not affect obtaining a visa. The decision of the embassy will most likely be influenced by provided financial statement of the citizen and his/her social status. With a visa free country everything is even simpler.
  • According to the law neither the customs officers, nor the migration service have the right to detain a person and restrict his/her freedom on the basis of payday loans availability.

Any Risks Anyway?

Here is some basic info on this issue:

  • The decision to prohibit to cross the border, including traveling abroad with an overdue loan of any kind, is made exclusively by the court in civil or criminal proceedings. In the event that a customs representative has a court decision, then his actions are considered legitimate. If the ban is confirmed only with words, you can call the police to fix the offense in the protocol, and then go to the court, and also make an administrative complaint.
  • In a civil procedure, if there is a debt, the case should already be at the stage of enforcement proceedings and the application should be submitted upon the plea of the state executor.
  • In criminal proceedings, this is a preventive measure and can be initiated by the investigator or prosecutor.
  • The credit history doesn’t influence your travel plans. It shows how the client made payments on open and existing debts in a timely manner, and whether he had any problems with creditors. It matters if the banks very carefully check the data in the credit history bureau before making a decision.

So let’s again mention advantages of dealing with MFOs:

    • small but very needed amounts, the term is up to 35 days;
    • receiving funds at any time of the day;
    • without a certificate of income and guarantors;
    • the signature in the contract is provided online;
    • without visiting offices and expenses on travelling.

You should not worry whether they let you go abroad with a payday loan. Just be responsible borrower and follow the schedule. This is the best solution!

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